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Working Together


Susan Roberts, D.B.A.

My 20+ year career has provided great opportunities to create and drive a culture of innovation while working for Fortune 100 organizations. I excelled and advanced, taking on more complex initiatives, becoming more involved in business and leadership.

After starting my career as an engineer, I progressed to program manager of sizable multi-million-dollar efforts. I have been quite adept in inspiring teams and facilitating change at the project, program, and organizational level to make things happen quickly.

In 2016, I led projects that earned 1st place in the Innovative Accelerator Challenge (out of 150 entries). Additional successes include exceeding ambitious multi-million-dollar sales goals, improving customer satisfaction while saving millions of dollars, and increasing margins of large programs to impact the bottom line. I generated millions of additional dollars by creating, expanding, and upgrading revenue streams and improved processes, such as cutting order fulfillment time in half. And, I am skilled at cutting through resistance to build consensus across stakeholders with competing priorities.

Leading and empowering teams, as well as mentoring individuals aspiring to move up professionally, is very important to me. Making sure my teams receive ongoing training to stay current has been integral in ensuring success. Nothing stays the same for long anymore, and everyone needs to keep up through ongoing education. Plus, I have led a Women’s Network Outreach Program that focused on the promotion and retention of women employees.

I have been successful in bringing teams together, creating a culture shift that transitioned the work environment from teams working independently to working collaboratively. It affected quality, timeliness, and overall tone of the workplace for the better.

I currently serve on the board of directors for AUVSI. 

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